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What is a Twitter viewer?

A Twitter viewer is a tool or application designed to provide enhanced viewing and management capabilities for content on Twitter beyond what is natively available through the standard Twitter interface. These tools aggregate and display tweets more thoroughly and are user-friendly, allowing you to curate the content according to your needs.

Twitter viewers are used by various people, including marketers, event organizers, social media managers, and researchers, who want to improve their engagement strategies, manage larger volumes of Twitter data, and create more dynamic presentations of social media content.

How to set up a Twitter viewer in minutes is an excellent tool for aggregating social media content from multiple platforms, including Twitter, into a customizable and interactive feed. Using as a Twitter viewer tool can increase engagement at events, on websites, or during marketing campaigns. 

This guide provides a detailed, step-by-step approach to effectively using to display Twitter content.

Step 1: Start a free Twitter viewer trial

Visit the website and sign up for an account. Depending on your needs, you can choose from several plans, including a free trial option to get you started.

Add an X (Twitter) viewer on your website

Great for brands that care about user privacy and security. This solution doesn’t load any 3rd-party widgets or services and complies with EU & US/Californian data protection laws (GDPR and CCPA).

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Step 2: Configure your Twitter viewer

Choose from the different layouts that best suit your viewing needs (e.g., grid, carousel, map). Customize colors, fonts, and backgrounds to match your brand identity or event theme.

Step 3: Add the automated content feeds from Twitter

Locate the “Sources” section in your dashboard. Click “Add Source” and select Twitter.  Add the profiles for which you want to track content or enter specific keywords or hashtags you want to track. This could be the name of your event, branded hashtags, or topics relevant to your audience.

Set up filters to eliminate unwanted content, such as spam or irrelevant posts.

Step 4: Moderate Twitter content

Approve posts before they appear on your social wall to ensure content relevance and quality.

Use automatic filtering options to block posts containing specific words or from certain users. Review and update moderated posts regularly to ensure your Twitter wall remains dynamic and engaging.

Step 5: Embed and display your Twitter feed

Embed on the Twitter feed on your website by copying the automatically generated iFrame or JavaScript code from your “Embed & Display” tab. 

You can also display content from your Twitter viewer on digital signage or event displays to encourage live tweeting with event-specific hashtags and display real-time updates to promote interaction.

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Twitter viewer examples

Here are some examples of brands using’s Twitter viewer to showcase a mix of branded and user-generated content.

Example 1: FIFA

Why this works: FIFA’s integration of into its World Cup 26 website strategically enhances fan engagement by providing localized and real-time content updates across 16 host cities.

Webpage with a Twitter viewer from FIFA showcasing the #WeAreToronto campaign with images of soccer events and fans at various venues around Toronto.

Example 2: Barry University

Why it works: Barry University encourages students to use specific hashtags when posting photos from around campus or the world, fostering a connected online community.

Screenshot of Barry University's webpage featuring a social map of the United States with pinpoints in Miami and other locations, accompanied by a photo of a student celebrating Earth Day on campus.

Example 3: The Dallas Mavericks

Why it works: The basketball team implemented a social hub on their homepage and App, which collects all relevant social media posts from X (Twitter) and other channels.

Dallas Mavericks' social media page displaying a Twitter viewer with a series of basketball training and game photos, as well as promotional outdoor event images.

Example 4: Ferrari

Why this works: They reuse all the branded content by embedding it on the homepage using an Instagram and Twitter viewer.

A Twitter viewer of Ferrari social media posts showing racing cars on track, drivers in race gear, and promotional graphics for the Ferrari eSports Series 2024.

Example 5: Leonardo

Why it works: Leonardo is boosting its online presence by featuring a social media aggregator on its website, centralizing updates and insights from multiple platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn.

Collection of social media posts from Leonardo's official pages, highlighting their aerospace technology and partnerships, including helicopter images and training exercises.

Example 6: RTL

Why it works: RTL integrated a live Twitter viewer on their website, showcasing the company’s Twitter content and providing current updates.

Social media snapshots from Fremantle Media featuring promotional content for upcoming TV shows and award ceremony highlights.

Example 7: US Embassy London

Why it works: The embassy enhances accessibility to important updates by displaying a Twitter feed from the Ambassador’s official profile on-site and on their intranet, promoting an informed and engaged international community.

Social media post from the US Embassy in London celebrating St George's Day with a picturesque view of the Lake District quoted by William Wordsworth

Example 8: Merck Group

Why it works: The Merck Group uses a Twitter viewer embedded in the news and stories section of its website, which keeps visitors informed about the latest happenings.

A Twitter viewer with various social media posts by Merck Group covering topics like drug research, shareholder meetings, and corporate events.

Benefits of a Twitter viewer tool

This is a comprehensive look at why using a Twitter viewer tool to help streamline your digital experience and engagement on Twitter is so important for you.

A time-saving experience

Twitter viewer tools can sieve through unnecessary information, so you can spend your time reading only those tweets containing hashtags, specific accounts, or topics that matter most to you instead of getting lost in a pool of less important updates.

Competitive analysis

To keep ahead in business and your field of work, it is important to know your terrain. With Twitter viewer tools, you can now do a thorough competitive analysis by keeping tabs on what others say about them and the new content they publish on their profiles. 

Crisis management

Rapid response is essential in times of crisis. Twitter viewer tools enhance your ability to monitor real-time situations, track public sentiment, and respond to crises more effectively. Setting up specific keyword tracking helps avoid potential issues before they escalate.

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Enhanced accessibility

Accessibility is a major concern for many users. Tools aggregating Twitter feeds often provide several features to make Twitter more browsable for people with disabilities. These include better options for reading texts, voice control ability, and compatibility with screen readers.

Start using a Twitter viewer

When you use as a Twitter viewer tool, you’re not just making it easier to curate and display Twitter content but also creating more engaging online communities through interactive social walls that are visually attractive. You can follow these steps to integrate live Twitter feeds effectively into your marketing strategy and enhance the experiences.

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