EmbedSocial is one of the most popular social media aggregation tools with many features. But it’s not always the right aggregator for individuals and businesses. 

Some users switch because they want a more affordable solution with similar capabilities. Others are looking for a more robust platform to power their user-generated content campaigns. 

If you’re one of the unhappy users, consider exploring one of these five EmbedSocial alternatives. 


Here’s a quick comparison table of all the social media aggregators we will cover in this piece. 

Top Features Pricing 
Juicer.io – Hashtag aggregator
– Content moderation
– Feed customization 
Free plan; paid plans start at $19/month (billed annually)
Tagembed – Customizable widgets
– CMS integrations
– Multiple feed embed options 
Free plan; paid plans start at $19/month (billed annually)
Taggbox – Digital signage
– Analytics
– 24/7 customer support 
Starts at $79/month (billed annually)
Walls.io – Brand hub
– Audience engagement
– Direct posting 
Starts at $44/month (billed annually)
Curator.io – White-label aggregator
– SEO-friendly social feed
– Customizable templates 
Free plan; paid plans start at $25/month

1. Juicer.io: The Best EmbedSocial Alternative

Juicer.io- The Best EmbedSocial Alternative

Juicer is a social media aggregator tool that allows you to collect and embed content from more than 15 social media platforms and third-party websites onto your own site. You can embed content from Twitter (X), Instagram, Facebook, and other channels into a single, unified feed that can be easily displayed on your websites.

Juicer offers various customization options to match your website’s design. It also has different pricing plans for different needs, from free basic options to more advanced features for larger enterprises.

Top Features 

  • Hashtag aggregator: Beyond pulling social posts, Juicer.io also lets you aggregate hashtags from multiple social media platforms into a single feed to power your hashtag and user-generated content campaigns. 
  • Content moderation: Maintain a professional brand presence with Juicer’s robust feed moderation tools. You can set automatic filters to prevent posts containing profane words from showing up on your feed. You can also set up approvals to manually vet any post before it gets added to your feed. 
  • Feed customization: Juicer has nine plug-and-play themes that you can apply to your feed in a few clicks. These themes are fully customizable, meaning you can change their colors and font and add your logo to match your brand image. You can also customize your social media feed further using JavaScript and advanced CSS. 

Pricing: Juicer has a free forever plan that supports one feed from two sources. Businesses with more advanced aggregator needs can choose one of the paid plans, starting at $19/month (billed annually). 

Juicer pricing compared to EmbedSocial

2. Tagembed: EmbedSocial Aggregator Alternative With Widgets

Tagembed- EmbedSocial Aggregator Alternative With Widgets

Tagembed lets you pull content from multiple websites into different types of widgets. You can embed these widgets on your website or display them on digital screens during events. 

While it has impressive features, customers often struggle with a steep learning curve due to the platform’s complex user interface. This limits how much you can actually do in the tool. 

Top Features

  • Customizable widgets: Tagembed offers social media, review, story, and album widgets — allowing you to curate and display content in multiple ways. For example, you can use the album widget to create an event photo gallery and display it on your website. 
  • CMS integrations: Tagembed integrates with over 120 content management systems, including Shopify, Magneto, and SharePoint. This makes it really easy to display social content on different website setups. 
  • Multiple feed embed options: There’s more than one way to add a Tagembed social feed to your website. You can embed your feed as an iFrame code, JavaScript code, or CMS block. 

Pricing: Tagembed has a free plan that allows you to embed content from up to four social platforms into a single feed. The paid plans start at $19/month and offer advanced features like API access and faster feed updates. It also has an all-in-one social and review widgets bundle that costs $99/month (billed annually).

Tagembed pricing compared to embedsocial pricing

3. Walls.io: Alternative to EmbedSocial Social Feed For Events

Walls.io- Alternative to EmbedSocial Social Feed For Events

Walls.io is a comprehensive social wall tool that offers a ton of features, especially for large-scale event marketing and user-generated content campaigns. Walls.io is tailored toward enterprise businesses, so its features and pricing can be too extensive and expensive for small businesses. 

Top Features

  • Brand hub: You can pull all the content on a particular theme or topic from different channels into a single feed and display it on your website. For example, you can create a brand hub for employer branding content. This way, candidates don’t have to scan through different posts on separate channels to see what it’s like to work with your company. 
  • Audience engagement: Walls.io offers multiple interaction tools to help you engage with your audience. For example, you can administer live polls during events to collect feedback in real time from attendees. 
  • Direct posting: People can post content on your Walls.io feed directly without uploading it to a social platform first. This is a great way to engage your audience while protecting sensitive information during team meetings. 

Pricing: Walls.io offers two main pricing categories: Subscription and Event Passes. Its subscription plans start at $44/month (billed annually), while an event pass costs $250 for a 30-day access to the platform. 

Walls.io pricing compared to EmbedSocial

4. Curator.io: Brandable Social Media Aggregator Alternative to EmbedSocial

Curator.io- Brandable Social Media Aggregator Alternative to EmbedSocial

Curator.io is one of the simplest tools for aggregating social content on your website. It supports major social networks like X (Twitter) and Instagram. You can also aggregate posts from Flickr and review sites like Yelp and Reddit. 

However, you should note that Curator doesn’t offer in-app integrations. If you want to connect the aggregator with other software used for your business, you’ll have to set up an integration yourself via the API. This gets complex for non-technical users. 

Top Features

  • White-label social aggregator: You can create your own version of Curator.io, complete with your logo and brand styling, and use it internally or resell it on the market. 
  • Seo-friendly social feed: Curator.io embeds posts using JavaScript instead of iFrames, which can block search engine crawlers from seeing and indexing your content. JavaScript embedding creates more organic visibility for your content on search engine result pages. 
  • Templates: Curator has over 20 templates for customizing your feed. You can also apply advanced styling options with CSS to tweak your feed’s appearance further to match your brand identity. 

Pricing: Curator.io has a free forever plan that allows you to aggregate content from up to three sources. It has two paid plans, Professional and Business, that cost $25 and $59/month, respectively. 

Curator.io pricing compared to embedsocial pricing

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5. Taggbox: EmbedSocial Alternative User-Generated Content Platform

Taggbox- EmbedSocial Alternative User-Generated Content Platform

Taggbox describes itself as an “all-in-one user-generated content platform.” It provides everything you need to run successful user-generated campaigns, including AI-powered social wall displays and widgets. 

While there are many upsides to this enterprise tool, some customers have experienced glitches that delay real-time content display and affect the live feed experience. 

Top Features

  • Digital signages: Embed your social feed on digital billboards, projectors, and jumbotrons to drive offline engagement. You can integrate other content formats like calendars and weather updates to vary the feed experience. 
  • Analytics: Taggbox provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard to track real-time audience engagement with your social wall. You’ll see the posts they interact with the most and other content metrics to power your audience engagement strategy. 
  • 24/7 customer support: You can contact Taggbox’s support team through different channels like email, chat, voice, and video calls. It also has a robust support center with self-service tools to help you resolve issues independently. 

Pricing: Taggbox doesn’t have a free plan, but you can try the tool for free for 14 days. Its cheapest subscription plan costs $79/month (billed annually) and offers AI recommendations, unlimited embeds, and supports more than 10 platforms. 

Taggbox pricing compared to embedsocial pricing

What to Consider When Choosing a Social Media Aggregator 

Keep these three things in mind as you evaluate EmbedSocial alternatives. 

  • Platform compatibility: Ensure the aggregator supports the social media platforms you use or plan to use. Some aggregators might not support newer or less popular platforms.
  • Customization options: To maintain brand consistency, choose an aggregator with customizable widgets and feeds that match your brand’s styling. Bonus points: it also allows you to stylize your feed with custom CSS and JavaScript. 
  • Pricing: Make sure the platform offers solid value for money. It’s not about choosing the aggregator with the most features. Instead, prioritize a social media aggregator that offers core aggregation capabilities at flexing pricing. 

Juicer: The Best EmbedSocial Alternative 

Given its features and pricing, Juicer.io is an attractive option for businesses looking to switch from EmbedSocial to a more flexible social media aggregator. 

With a free forever plan available, businesses can start benefiting from Juicer’s robust capabilities without upfront investment. As your needs grow, you can opt for one of the paid plans starting at $19/month (billed annually), providing a scalable social media aggregator solution that grows with your business.

Try Juicer.io for free and share your experience with us!

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