So, what’s new? Chartering in San Blas

I’m back.  It’s been awhile, yeah? I know.

Why the delay?  Because I was doing some land traveling, some writing, some visiting people, some of this and some of that.  Most importantly, I wasn’t on the boat and when that happens I don’t like to broadcast my whereabouts – on more than one occasion I’ve had my boat broken into.

Alot has changed, let me catch you up:

I went to Africa. Then a family member’s wedding. Then there was Mexico, all over Mexico.  Then Christmas back home again. Then there was more Mexico and then Colombia again – Cartagena, Santa Marta, Medellin, Guatape, and more. During this time in Colombia I grew to like Medellin, Colombia quite a bit. So much so that I decided to look into real estate there (Medellin), as I was trying to move some investments out of the stock market due to the long bull-run it’s had and the political shenanigans going on there…

So, after a ton of looking around. I found a place in Medellin for below-market and I bought it.  Or, technically, am in the process of buying it.  If you know Medellin, it’s in Provincia, Poblado, Medellin.  Yeah, in the heart of the best restaurants and bars. Why Medellin, why there? Because when I want to take a break from the boat I want somewhere where the weather is always nice, it’s not humid, there are no bugs, there is no saltwater to corrode all of my electronics, and I can order delivery sushi over a blazing fast WiFi connection.  Oh, and I wanted a place where I can eat five-star meals for the cost of McDonald’s back home.  Why Medellin, specifically?  It’s the lowest cost per square meter of all of the world’s cosmopolitan cities, it’s nicknamed ‘The City of Eternal Spring’, and yes – the people are friendly, educated and beautiful. Also, the deal made financial sense.

The downside?  It took the vast majority of my liquid capital.  Which means that hoodlum Nate needs to get to work to build up a little financial cushion before he continues his little journey.  Which leads me to the major change about to take place on this site, and in my life.  I’m about to do some serious charter-work.  Crewed charter – meaning me and one crew member bring people to the best places in San Blas (undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on Earth).  I’m leaning toward two years of this, maybe three and then a little jaunt across the Pacific.  Of course, the plan is to not have a plan – so all of that is subject to change.

The biggest change here is that the site is going to be optimized and dedicated to chartering.  I will still post, you’ll still get updates, and hopefully it’ll still be fun for you.  If not, you’ll just have to excuse me while I make some money.  Then it’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming.

We’re open for charter business in April of this year, and you guys (who are on the email list) have first shot.  And you get a 15% discount just for being awesome enough to be on this list.  If you want to come down to San Blas for an unforgettable vacation, shoot me an email (or reach out via Facebook) and we’ll figure out a date that works to fish, sail, dive, or just drink margaritas on the beach.


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