Good Days

From Our Island

From Our Island

Adventures in dinghy-land left me with a deflatable dinghy.  Meaning that I was pumping it up daily, and generally getting sick of dealing with it.  But Mom had found the three pinhole leaks that we thought were responsible – so armed with some superglue we beached the dinghy, deflated it, and superglued the crap out of those pinhole leaks.  Judging from the way it’s sitting behind the boat this morning – we at least temporarily fixed our problem.

Freediving.  Really.  Finally.

Luke was beat, but he was being a trooper.  I wanted to go for a dive to check this area out – he joined with a GoPro and a polespear.  The area that we were diving was a stone’s throw from the mothership in fairly protected waters – which is a dramatic change from diving the outer edges of barrier reefs (our previous dive spots).  It wasn’t great visibility, but we had 25 feet – maybe a little more.

Freediving in San Blas

Freediving in San Blas

In the lee of our island, there was a ledge where the coral dropped off to about 50 feet.  Again – no current, no waves, decent visibility.

With only a couple of hours of sleep the night before and no lunch, I wasn’t in perfect condition – but I did start actually working on my freediving.  I managed a couple of dives upwards of 1:30, which felt great.  Luke had already returned to the boat, so I didn’t really push it – but I have a feeling with a couple weeks of diving more consistently I’ll be upwards of 2 minutes.  That’s where I need to be to hunt well around here.  The fish are really spooky, so you have the best shot at them when you dive deep (surprise them) and stay long (intrigue them).  Both of those require a pretty significant breathhold.  This is working time underwater, while actively spearfishing.  That’s different than hanging out in a pool and holding one’s breath.

We had a great dinner of grilled fish, coleslaw, and some grilled vegetables.  Then I had a Cuba Libre and started reading Moby Dick again.  Mellville’s style really isn’t that intriguing to me, so it’s a struggle.

It’s rare when you get to combine sailing, free diving, and time spent on a deserted island all in one day.  It’s even more rare when you do that and nothing breaks, and there aren’t any almost-emergencies. After nearly eight months of this, I can count those days on one hand.

So when we have days like yesterday, it’s a great reminder of why I started doing this.

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