Still Working

Still refitting. We’re making progress, but it’s the usual: refitting a boat, in a foreign country takes forever. We’ve figured out some issues with my watermaker, fixed my generator, and done some other things that help make our lives a little better and a little more comfortable. Some cruiser friends think I’m getting too comfortable here (that’s to you, Mike) – but the only way I can make it out there quicker is for them to sail back and help refit. That’s a pretty unlikely scenario, me thinks.

We had a couple of ½ days of work recently. First we were recovering from a work-sprint. Then we were recovering from a friend’s visit. Then Oliver came over and we drank beer and talked modern and ancient philosophy.  Then we just wanted to have a day when we didn’t feel pressured to do anything. With those days complete, though, we were ready to start ticking off the list. We want to get to Bocas Del Torro ASAP. And we have another crew member coming in on the 10th. That’s super-quick.

Everyday we find we need new parts. Parts we’re not always sure where to get. Parts that could be described as “specialty.” I’ll be so damn glad when we get this refit done and sail out of Puerto Lindo. It’s past time.

Our departure for Bocas Del Torro also depends on me being able to get ahold of a bunch of new anchor chain and a 60lb Manson Supreme anchor. Good luck, right? With a (hopeful) launch date of December 1st, it’s going to be tight trying to get that here and mounted onboard in time…

It can be tough trying to refit on a schedule. Every now and then I remember why I started this whole thing – and much of it was to remove other people’s demands of my time.   Something that’s often forgotten about bringing on crew, is that they come with expectations. They want to sail. They want to travel. Which is fair.   But, what comes before all else is my sanity. And then the completeness of the sailing vessel. And then, way, way down the line: the crew’s desires. With that in mind, we’ll leave when S/V NOMAD is ready. Not before then though.  I do hope that day is approaching.

On another note, I think we’re going to go night spearfishing tonight. That’s going to be fun.   The game here is to find a decent spot during daylight hours, then drag my dinghy, a battery, and my underwater LED light to said spot. Then post up on the edge of the light and shoot what gets mesmerized by the light. Not sure how it’s going to go, but I’d imagine it will make for a good story. Finger’s crossed.

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