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The Latino Dance Party

The Latino Dance Party

I wish I had more pictures, but I was cooking and they were dancing.  You can see my newest take on paella taking shape in the left-hand corner.  We had no time for picture-taking.

A bit of drinking commenced. Interesting to listen to the semi-locals complain about how lazy Panamanians are.  For some reason, when a semi-local complains about something, you feel like it’s more legitimate… I thought I was the only person who’d noticed.

Before you become judgmental:  I know what you’re thinking:  Nate, you’re a scoundrel.   But this kind of behavior has left me with a much better grasp of Espanol.  I can tell you, officially, if someone is cursing at me. That’s progress.  All of this was done in the name of science.  You’re welcome.

Back to the story:  the girls needed to get home, thankfully.  And we have plenty of work. So I dropped the girls off in the middle of a windstorm, and we got back to work when Josh woke up.  I’ve been up since 5AM.  I’m starting to realize that the captain gets the least sleep, the most work, and the least diving.  I wish someone had told me that before I started.

The work list is shrinking, and we’re slowly moving S/V NOMAD toward a real, reliable sailing vessel.  Naturally, it’s one step forward and two back in Panama.  I’ll also admit that it would be quicker in the States.  But then we wouldn’t have this view.  And at this point, who’s really worried about time?  Next stop:  Bocas del Torro.  I hope.

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