Refitting S/V NOMAD

Fresh Ceviche

Fresh Ceviche

Then we started to figure out the mess that is my boat’s wiring. If a boat is more than a couple of years old, and has complex systems – the wiring is always ridiculous. Mine is no exception. It’s actually a little daunting.

We managed to figure out the wiring (for the most part), and Josh ended up with fiberglass all over his arms. Bummer. But we had an epic dinner, had some wine, and watched a beautiful sunset. It can be a really good life, even when you’re working hard.

Right now, I’m convinced that having a mechanically/electrically savvy person onboard is a pretty big plus. The amount of things we’ve worked out, looked at, and accomplished is astonishing. And we didn’t even work all day; we took breaks to shoot fish and bullshit with carpenters.  Next up is actually wiring in the new batteries, and then adding the new solar.  I’ll write a bit more about the technical aspects of this at some point.

The next real hole in the crew is someone to cook and clean, while the dudes get dirty. That will round out a pretty solid crew onboard S/V NOMAD. Then we’ll be able to make real headway on the refit, have set roles onboard, and get back to sailing around the world. Oh, and another separation of duties means I’ll get to spearfish a bit more – which was the plan when I started this adventure.

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