Back Onboard S/V Nomad

Shoot me an email by clicking here.  To be clear, this won’t be a vacation, if you want that – charter a catamaran.  It’ll be working on the boat, mixed in with some sailing/diving/kayaking/fishing/exploring.  People with skills that relate to sailing/boatwork have a decided advantage.


Since I’m now out of  oh-shit-I-might-lose-my-finger mode, I’m starting to realize that recovery is going to be exactly zero fun.  I can’t drink (meds), despite having a nice bottle of Scotch onboard. I can’t dive (despite there being some tasty blue-runner under the boat as I type).  And I can’t sail (single-handing with a single hand is no fun).  I can do a little basic boatwork, but even that is tough as I’m always banging the finger (and that’s  painful).  I also can’t get the finger, with an open wound, in the seawater here.  That’s a constant struggle.

The plan is to line up some repairs, start shipping boat parts to mi casa in the States, and relax/take care of the finger.  That does leave me with some time to kill, though – so I’m going to dig into Nietzsche (I love this guy), read up on more cruising info, and some options-trading material.  Let me reiterate – I love Nietzsche.  Guy’s a genius.

Hopefully I’ll at least expand my mind a bit.

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