Sailing San Blas, Again

Sailing San Blas, Again

My backyard…

But it’s also a little worrying to be that close to shore/coral.  The anchoring thing is still pretty stressful for me, I’m hoping that starts to go away as I get more salty. Fingers crossed.

Diving Coco

I’ve dove this area pretty hard now.  Hard enough that I’ve got serious blisters on both feet.  In three days I’ve seen two interesting fish – a 25 pound Mutton Snapper and a larger Black Grouper.  Both of which took leave before I had a chance to dive on them.  Skittish, really skittish.   I’ve also blown a couple shots on small Cero Mackerel too, so it’s partly my fault.  When they’re that skinny, it’s hard to hit them.

Yesterday I had a nice lobster lunch and went out to a spot much further offshore.  The rollers were coming in pretty high and breaking over the reef.  Not exactly the weather I needed to get into the deep water to make some proper dives, in search of proper fish.

After nearly running the dinghy aground on some coral, nearly flipping into the rollers, and definitely having a bit of a scare – my survival instincts got the better of me and I moved back inshore.  This is the kind of thing that I want a 12+ foot dinghy for (with a 25 hp Yamaha).  Unfortunately I can’t afford a boat big enough to put that kind of dinghy on, so this one will have to do.

Today I’m sailing back to Western Hollandes.  Thanks to a fellow diver/sailor/fisherman (Mark, thanks dude!) I have a couple of numbers to spots that ought to produce a dinner or two.  Which is going to be necessary after tomorrow – as I’m running out of protein onboard.

Sailing San Blas, Again

Sunset Over Coco

The protein lasted longer than the beer though, that’s for damn sure.   I have no idea how I’m going to store enough beer for the Pacific crossing…

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