No Brakes, No Engine

Nighttime Entertainment, underwater LED

Nighttime entertainment

Then there’s the fun we’ve been having fishing and watching my underwater LED lights.  It’s a great form of after-dark entertainment.  For about $100 I bought a waterproof, 12V, LED light.  It attracts all kinds of crazy stuff – even when the fishermen are gill-netting 5 meters from your boat (which they are).  For instance – a sea turtle (twice).  He just comes in, glides around the light for a few minutes and then takes his leave.  Last night we caught one of his remoras on a fishing line, unfortunately.  You can see some of the bait in the picture above…

I’m Over Puerto Lindo

All in all, I’m done with Puerto Lindo.  It’s time to start moving.  Past-time to start moving, really.  So I’ll be home-basing here – for provisions and boat stuff, because I have a car, a mooring ball, and it’s close to San Blas and only a short sail from Cartagena.  But as soon as the engine is fixed I’m out for a few days.  Then I’ll do a longer sail through San Blas in mid-July.  And hopefully take a nice, long 3-week sail through San Blas to Cartagena with a buddy in August (Craig, you hoodlum – you better come through).

It sounds like friends will be flying into Panama occasionally, so I’ll be back and forth.  But what was once charming, is now annoying.  The honeymoon is over and Puerto Lindo looks different. Now it looks more like what it is – a sleepy fishing village where it’s either baking-hot or pouring rain (and sometimes both).  When there’s a bit of sunshine it’s great – but right now that’s more the exception than the rule.  Other places (San Blas and Cartagena, for instance) are still pretty sunny this time of year.

Luckily for me, I have a floating house.  When this engine is fixed (this week, I’m promised), I’ll be free to move on and find somewhere new and exciting.

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