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Pelagic Gear.

Though I’m new to the sailing game, boat life is something I’m familiar with.  And there’s one constant when you spend alot of time on a boat:  on a boat it gets hot.  The sun’s beating down on you and there’s not always a spot in the shade.  So if you spend alot of time on boats, it really helps to have gear built to keep you cool and protect you from the sun.  That’s the kind of stuff Pelagic makes.  The clothing necessities are:

  • Lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, long sleeve shirts (Pelagic Vaportek)
  • Lightweight, quick-drying, board shorts.  Bonus points if they can be worn as regular shorts on shore (Pelagic Evolve Hybrid Shorts)
  • A coupe of hats/visors.  When it’s really hot, the visor is king (Pelagic Flag Visor)
  • Quality, comfortable, lightweight, polarized sunglasses (Pelagic Polarized Fish Whistle)
  • Comfortable, lightweight, sun shields (Pelagic SPF Sunshield)
  • A rasta-themed coozie to keep the refreshments cool (Pelagic Coozies)

In case you were thinking I’m just promoting a brand because they gave me free stuff – let me address that.   I’m a far-too-white boy that is now living in a tropical climate.  Everything is always wet (sweat, humidity, or rain) or burning hot.  If I didn’t get sponsored by Pelagic I was completely prepared to buy the very gear they sent me.  I lucked out, and I’m really happy to be sponsored by a company that I have bought and will continue to buy products from.

Pelagic Gear Sponsorship

Fish Whistle Polarized Glasses – what I chose

One note on the sunglasses.  I’m big on quality polarized sunglasses.  There’s nothing that gets more use and is more bang-for-the-proverbial-buck than a pair of sunglasses that allows you to see fish and reef structure clearly underwater – in the glaring sun.  Equally important, they need to be comfortable and lightweight enough to wear all day.  Having blown through several pairs of Costa sunglasses, and not finding the “perfect” pair – I was curious how these Pelagic polarized sunglasses would compare.  I was super-pleased (and admittedly, a little surprised) to find they were of the same quality of my previous Costa’s – but far more comfortable and noticeably lighter.  It’s always a shot in the dark when you order sunglasses online – but this was an epic success!

So far, the Pelagic Polarized sunglasses, my Pelagic coozie, and my Flag Visor are hands-down the most-used gear on the boat.  I use all three daily, unless it’s pouring rain.  In which case the coozie gets the most use.

Colin is the guy around Pelagic that showed an interest in my trip, so here’s a little thank-you to him personally: thanks Colin, I’m using the gear daily!  Out of curiosity, I asked Colin why he responded so positively to this (out of the thousands he reads) sponsorship request:

Nate’s worldwide expedition perfectly encompasses what the Pelagic lifestyle is all about… A love for the ocean, fishing, diving, and simply spending time on the water.

Boom. Sounds like a match made in Heaven.  Thanks again Colin and Pelagic, I’m definitely celebrating the offshore lifestyle!

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