San Blas Sailing (Video)

Right now I’m supposed to be at a friend’s birthday party (sorry Joe) but updating the site, creating this video, and some other trip-related work held me back.  But I’ll make it to the after-dinner drink gathering.

Tomorrow will be the next installment of my San Blas Sailing trip (in writing).  But I did manage to create and upload another video – this one entirely made up of the San Blas sailing trip.  It’s about 5 minutes long – so settle in for  a bit.  The good news is that it’s just a little more polished that the last one, and not made up (entirely) of me talking to the camera indoors.

Highlights include arriving in San Blas (Chichime) and parking in Holland Cay.  We managed to get a Kuna Indian to cut-up a coconut for us to cook our fish in as well.  Finally, on the way back we were joined (for four hours) by a pod of over a hundred dolphins.

Hope you enjoy it!

PS – I was wrong about the Kuna onshore building a canoe.  In reality – he was repairing his canoe.

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