San Blas! And Sailing Lessons

my boat.  The good news is that I’ll be doing that Monday.  Yes – in 3 days I’ll be sailing my boat around San Blas.  That’s pretty damn cool.

About San Blas

The San Blas islands are pretty well known in Central America and elsewhere, especially in the cruising community.  Why?  Because they’re pristine, beautiful, and undeveloped.  Nobody has planted condos there quite yet.  Thank whatever God you believe in.

San Blas

photo credit: wikipedia

The San Blas islands are on the Caribbean side of Panama, in the Gulf of San Blas.  There are about 378 islands in the chain, which covers approximately 100 square miles.  Some say you could spend a lifetime exploring there.

Kuna hut - San Blas

Kuna hut – San Blas … photo credit: wikipedia

Most islands are uninhabited, with a few of the larger islands being inhabited by the Kuna – who are an indigenous tribe.  I’m pretty stoked about meeting the Kuna – they still paddle dugout canoes and are politically independent from Panama.  


San Blas and Puerto Lindo

San Blas and Puerto Lindo

I’m having Easter with the family – in the Houston area.  So I wake up early Monday, and head to IAH for a quick flight to Tocumen International Airport (Panama City).  When I get there the seller (Agustin) is picking me up and driving me across to Puerto Lindo – where my catamaran is currently moored.

Puerto Lindo

Puerto Lindo

We’ll jump on, provision, and sail to San Blas.  There, Agustin’s going to give me a crash course:  “Sailing the Lagoon 380.” I’d bet we’ll be able to squeeze in some exploring, good eating, and a couple of sundowners.

I’ll be leaving from Tocumen the following Sunday – back in Houston by 6PM next Sunday night.

Why Are You Sailing San Blas Now?

During the boat-buying process we negotiated to have the seller spend some time sailing the boat with me.  Measured in days, not hours.  So – with the boat being mine (and the bills are already rolling in) – it’s time to do the official handover.  I have the boat covered by insurance – so the real concerns at this point are:  where am I going to moor it? What maintenance needs to be done?  What additional spares do I need?  What (exactly) is on the boat?

Answering those questions, and learning to sail my boat around San Blas – important next-steps.  Having someone who knows the boat, inside and out, help me with the above?  Priceless.

What’s Next?

Well, after this week-long sailing/learning vacation – I’m back to selling things with a vengeance.  Two trucks, one motorcycle, and a plethora of other random things from long-forgotten hobbies.  Honestly, I’m a little disgusted how much “stuff” I’ve managed to accumulate – but that’s neither here nor there.

And then there’s a bash on May 31st for my local friends/family.  If you’re reading this – you’re invited.  It’s in Austin – text or email me for details.  The more the merrier. Long story short:  it’s going to be fun, and there’s a judgement-free zone after 6PM.  Feel free to act foolish.  Food and alcohol on site – a small bar on Rainey Street.

In the next post I’ll share a couple pieces of gear I’ve bought, to date. Salud!

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