Today, Finally

the boat, and it’s insured.  And my days of indentured servitude look to be numbered.

It’s a little bigger than just buying a boat, though.  It’s not just any boat.  It’s not just a weekend toy.  It’s a vehicle to go do something I’ve only dreamed about.  Something I’ve only read about.   This is a game-changer.  A life-changer.

There were more than a few setbacks.  There were some pretty serious speedbumps.  There were plenty of nay-sayers.  Nonetheless, here I am – just a few measly days away from something that will truly change my life.

Family and friends think I’m nuts.  Most of the rest of the world is just stunned when they hear about it.

There are a million things to do.  So many details to iron out.  So much to learn.  But it doesn’t matter.  Today we drink. Today is a good day.  

Today we celebrate. Today, finally.

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