You’re Crazy

hunter s thompson you're crazy

Hunter S Thompson

I’ve come to believe that anything worth doing should:

  • Make the timid say “You’re crazy”
  • Make the adventurous say “That’s awesome”
  • Make the small-minded speechless
  • Make you question your own sanity
  • Change the way you see the world around you
  • Overwhelm you often

Looking around at the various websites of my predecessors, it’s clear that everyone struggles with the same questions:  Am I making the right choice?  Will the sacrifice be worth it?  What if everything goes wrong?  Can I pull this off?  What else do I need to learn?  

Reconciling the dream and the reality isn’t just a theory.   It’s proving to be the most challenging thing I’ve done – and I haven’t even started yet.  But I’m not the only person that’s struggled with this.

From Tahina Expedition:

The challenge of preparing for a five year circumnavigation is harder than any project we’ve ever undertaken. And, believe me, we’ve done some hard things in the past. I’ve started and run several businesses and any entrepreneur can tell you startups are really hard.

There are also a myriad of other things:  banking, healthcare, communications, and outfitting a boat in another country.  At times it’s downright overwhelming.  Preparing with a teammate is always easier – preparing solo teaches you quite a bit about yourself. Some of those “lessons of self” you may not like.  The thing that helps the most (for me) is putting the “big-picture” on the back burner.  Distilling something huge into a series of smaller, accomplishable tasks.

Another thing that has been helpful is having supportive people around.  I credit other people, often, for the motivation to keep going.  Interestingly enough, the motivation comes from positive support, but even more from the occasional negative response.

Again – if no one thinks it’s crazy – you’re not dreaming big enough.

hunter s thompson you're crazy

Hunter S Thompson

So remember that the next time you’re tempted to say “You’re crazy.” Whatever it is that inspires those words, that thought;  it’s an important part of anything worth doing.   And if you’re on the receiving end of that phrase – it should be validation of everything you’re working toward.

It makes no difference what your goal is.  Business, personal, or adventurous.  Just keep it big, keep it alive, and keep it crazy.

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