The Beginning of Something Big (Video)

We’re far enough along now that I’m calling it official.  The boat’s mine.

It’s exciting, but it’s hard to get too excited with so much to do.  And so much to sell.  And so much to learn.  And so many goodbyes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked.  But there’s a difference between the dream and the reality.  This is the first time I’m dealing with those differences, many more are sure to come.  It just hasn’t completely sunk in yet.  I’m pretty sure it will when I get down there and officially take ownership.

Back to the subject of the post:  I’ve been trying to document things, but I’m horrible at it.  Partly because everything seems to be so time-sensitive.  Mostly because I’m horrible at it.  I vow to get better though.

I did manage to capture some thoughts before, during, and after the visit to Panama – where I decided this was THE boat.  It’s important to me, but it’s also probably pretty boring to most.  Nonetheless, here’s my first shot at video.

First time I’ve tried to chronicle things via video.

First time I’ve tried to edit/create a video.

So naturally, it’s not very polished.  Enough excuses though, here it is.

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