Keeping the Dream Alive – An Update

keeping the dream alive - sailing catamaran

Sailing Catamaran … photo credit: Jean-Pierre Bazard 

I began seriously looking for boats not long ago, but that’s completely stalled right now.

It’s killing me. 

Part of the reason I made the decision to cast-off on this sailing circumnavigation was the recent death of my father, and some health scares with my Mother.   It was a harsh reminder how short life is, how attaching your self-worth to your profession is foolish, the importance of right now, and how much I really value some of my friends and family (although I really suck at showing it).

So – part of the point of the trip is to take my Mom with me (part of the time!) so that:

  • we can spend time together
  • she can relax
  • she can do something she’s always wanted to do
  • she can save me if I fall off the boat 100 miles offshore (selfish, right?)

To be clear – I like to think I’m a decent son, but spending every hour of every day, in tight quarters, with one’s mother isn’t my idea of a lifestyle improvement (I’m sure she’d agree).  So, we’ve agreed on easing into it.  If she comes, it’ll be for a couple of months here and there.

Here’s where it ties into boat shopping:

  • she wants to take a charter before she commits (fair enough)
  • she’s too busy to take a charter (no comment)
  • if she’s going to come, we need a catamaran (sharing a boat is one thing, sharing a hull is a whole ‘nother level)
  • until she makes a decision, I can’t start shopping with any real authority

So I’m stuck.  And frustrated.  And feel like I’m wasting time.  And everything else hinges on this.  So I wait…
But I’m not just killing time – I’m finishing up some remodel work on my duplex, working on getting my financial life together, experimenting with photography, etc.   Oh yeah – I did make my first gear purchase for the trip.  It’s a Canon 70D, and I suck right now.  But I’m learning.

Keeping the Dream Alive

So, I’m sure you’re wondering how I’m keeping the dream alive?  Well – this coming weekend is promising:  I’m heading to the Miami Boat Show (to check out sailing catamarans) and The Blue Wild Expo (to mingle with the freediving spearfishing crowd).  Both of which are a much-needed “keeping the dream alive” break from working too much.  I’ll be doing a short writeup on both of those, and I’ll create a gallery dedicated to each so you don’t have to make the flight yourself.

You’re welcome.


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