Freediving Spearfishing Expo – The Blue Wild

The Blue Wild Expo is coming up, and I’m planning on being there. It is (among other things) the premier freediving spearfishing expo, the top marine art destination, and a great place to meet other people that share the same passions.  The official dates are February 23 and 24th, and I’ll be there both days (and of course – the at the party too).   It’ll be my first time attending, and I’m going to be at the end of a long (working) stay in Florida.  This working vacation is a combination of the Miami Boat Show and The Blue Wild Expo.  I’m excited for both, and they both may have some impact on the trip.

“It’s Kind of  a Big Deal”

The event’s official tagline is the Ocean Adventure Expo, dubbed The Diving Event of the Year In Florida.  There’s going to be a huge raffle, some cool marine artists, the party, and of course – the speakers and exhibitors.  The raffle has some great prizes, and I’ve definitely never been to a marine art expo before – so I’m sure that’s going to be interesting.  So, while it’s the place to be if you’re looking for a freediving spearfishing expo, and everything marine – it promises to bring much more to the table.

I’m looking forward to seeing some interesting people there, some people I’ve trained with, and even some old friends.  You can check out the speakers here, many of the big names in and around the sport will be there.  The speakers include production speargun builders, custom speargun builders, professional freedivers, and even guys like Manny Puig.  With that kind of lineup, it’s going to be tough to figure out who to see speak.

Freediving Spearfishing Expo and… a Party(!!!)

Still not convinced?  There’s an equally impressive list of exhibitors, and it’s going to be a huge show.  Almost every major marine gear, clothing, and art retailer will be represented in one way or another.  And when the freediving spearfishing expo is over? They’ll all be getting together for the party Saturday night.

Freediving Spearfishing Expo - The Blue Wild

Blue Wild Party Flier

So, if you’re coming let me know, or if you see me running around out there – be sure to stop me and say “hi.”  My goal is to take plenty of pictures, and post many of them here.  My first (but not my last) freediving spearfishing expo promises to be a blast.  See you there, and if not – check back for updates.

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