Freediving, Spearfishing Resource – A Site Update

Freediving Gear and Spearfishing Gear.

As I learn more about sailing and photography I plan on adding those sections as well.  Those sections, for quite a while, will be an explanation of what I’ve learned.  They won’t be much of a resource to those with any experience, but they will (hopefully) be of some value to those starting their learning (like myself).  On photography – I’ve just picked up a new camera, and I’ll write about that shortly (nice picture at the top, though, right?)…

Creating a Freediving Resource

Writing a resource on Freediving Gear isn’t easy.  This one took hours (yes, even though it’s short). And it’s not particularly interesting if you’re not into freediving.  But – if you are searching for recommendations, and a concise explanation to what’s out there now; I think you’ll find it valuable.  There are some  (affiliate) links to Amazon embedded behind the pictures – which go straight to the item in the picture (on Amazon).  I love Amazon, it’s where I buy everything I can, and it’s where I compare prices and reviews.  If someone were to follow a link from the Freediving Gear (or Spearfishing Gear) page to Amazon, and then buy something I would get a (tiny) payment.  So if you want to help support The Nomad Trip, and need some gear – I would certainly appreciate the support.

Treading the line between concise and genuinely informative, I think my first crack at creating an entry-level freediving resource is pretty straightforward.  But being wrong is part of being human – so bear with me and feel free to let me know if there’s something I missed, I’m wrong about, or you’d like clarification on.   Leave it in the comments below or send me an email through my Contact Page.   The caveat here is that I’m an American freediver that freedives to spearfish – meaning I won’t be as versed in European gear, or competitive freediving gear, tactics, or resources.  All of my freediving information will have a spearfishing slant – and that’s the way I want it to be.

Creating a Spearfishing Resource

I think that spearfishing is a much harder topic to effectively cover than freediving (just look at the length of this page!).  There are so many considerations – diving conditions, quarry, and budget – in addition to the never-ending personal preferences.  I think this is actually a testament to the ingenuity of this group, as a whole.  The truth is, spearfishermen are a crafty group of humans that are always innovating.  I hope to be able to stay relatively current on gear – please let me know if something changes!

All that said – I’ve tackled the subject of Spearfishing Gear here. It’s an overview, and there’s so much more to cover that it’s daunting – but I’ll certainly take suggestions and certainly write as much as I can about what I know.  Again – there are a few Amazon affiliate links scattered through there.  If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback – the comments below are the best place for them.  Of course, I do my best to answer emails too.

Hope  this provides a little bit of clarity, and a genuinely valuable freediving and spearfishing resource.  If you like those pages, please do share them, bookmark them, or link to them.  I appreciate it!  Finally, I’ve studied a ton of resource pages and I believe the best ones are built by a community.  So please let me know if there’s something that should be updated.

Stay tuned, I’ll publish my trip-related progress soon.

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